In early 2015 I attended a film hĂžjskole,
where got the magic moment, and decided that I want to dive into this industry to figure out why filmmaking is a creative zone.
And as soon as I learned about all the different task of this industry,
I found my passion for focus pulling, where I specialized in feature films, TV dramas, and commercials Music videos.
Being the 1st AC is my passion, and I approach every project with a high level of ambition, skill, and flexibility. Nothing is impossible.


1AC / 2AC / clapper loader

Maintain the camera lens optical focus on whatever subject or action is being filmed, I am being responsible for all the technical departments and from the smallest screw to the camera. My experience as 1AC and 2AC gave me the opportunity to obtain knowledge and learn fast about the menus and the technicality.
It also gave me the chance to work on so many different camera brands
such as Arri/ Red / Sony / Blackmagic / Canon


As a freelancer, it’s important to have my own equipment to be helpful for In small projects and for emergencies.
And as a young passionate film lover, my gear is with a 50% discount for all school projects.